September/Setiembre 1999 Trip to Chile
Cathedral of San Francisco from San Francisco Hotel, Santiago
City of Concepcion toward Bio Bio River from Hotel Araucano
With Dr. Alfredo Cea, Santiago
Desert to new vineyards using underground water, Copiapo
Home of Golden Valley (Valle Dorado) eating grapes, Copiapo
Vineyards in the driest desert in the world, Atacama, Copiapo
(R-L) With Marcelo Saavedra, Manager Valle Dorado, Rodrigo Monsalve, ACHS Regional Manager III, & ACHS Risk Prevention Expert
Atacama desert mural, government building, Copiapo
Guides Patricia Quadri, Chief of Support Services, Worker Hospital Concepcion and Gladys, Coronel Clinic Nurse in the arch at Lota Historic Park, south of Concepcion
Colleen Ionson, Canadian Nursing Consultant visiting first locomotive in Chile, University of Atacama, Copiapo
Independence mural, government building, Copiapo
With Rodrigo Monsalve discuss mining training and safety issues
Villarrica Volcano overlooking resort town of Pucon
Tolten River draining from Lake Villarrica, Pucon
Catholic Church "Independence Day Display", Pucon
Sculpture in one of many Pucon parks on Lake Villarrica with volcano in background
Traditional oxen used to cultivate small steep mountain fields, Pucon
With Rodrigo Munita, ACHS Regional Manager IX and wife, Temuco
With Carlos Ackerknecht, ACHS National Forestry Program Director, 4th International Conference on Work in the Forestry Sector, Concepcion
(L-R) Pedro Ramirez, ACHS Regional Manager VIII, John Connors, Colleen Ionson, Canadian Nursing Consultant, Felipe Benavides, Health Services Manager, Concepcion
Pacific coastal view near Lota south of Concepcion
Carlos Ackerknecht translating Connors presentation to one of two groups of regional forestry contractors, managers, supervisors (ARAUCO & CMPC)
Radiata pine logging operations south of Concepcion
Safe logging operations classroom in the forest, south of Concepcion
Presentation to Dr. Eduardo Lecannelier, Medical Director, Worker Hospital, Concepcion, during telehealth lecture
Co-presenter Deric Quaile, General Manager, (SHELL) Forestry & Agriculture Monte Aguila, Los Angeles at the 4th International Conference on Work in the Forestry Sector
Presentation to Felipe Benavides, Worker Hospital Administrator, Concepcion, during hospital emergency planning lecture
Presentation of Juan Perez 225th commemorative silver coin and pin of sailing ship Santiago to Pedro Ramirez, ACHS Regional Manager VIII, Concepcion
With Jeff Weber, Manager Health, Safety and Environment, Fletcher Challenge Forests (Aukland, New Zealand), 4th International Conference on Work in the Forestry Sector, Concepcion
With Carlos Ackerknect and some of the many hard working, capable and helpful ACHS ladies helping to host the 4th International Conference, taken in front of the French Gothic fireplace in the Concepcion Club.
With His Imperial Highness Price Takamodo of Japan at the First International Congress on Telehealth and Multimedia Technologies, August 16-18, 1999, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
With ACHS "Papal Banner" used to promote occupational health and safety in Chile, 4th International Conference, Concepcion